ADG 2021
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Note that conference programme uses Central European Time (CET).

September 15, Wednesday

Morning session: Geometrical Constraints, chair: Jose Capco

10:00Opening (Zoltán Kovács, Predrag Janičić)
10:10Manfred Husty: Robot Kinematics - The Algebraic Point of View (invited talk)
10:50Chistoph Koutschan: Realizations of Rigid Graphs (invited talk) (slides)
11:40Vesna Marinkovic, Tijana Sukilovic and Filip Maric: On automating triangle constructions in absolute and hyperbolic geometry (slides)
12:00Zhenbing Zeng, Jian Lu, Yaochen Xu and Yuzheng Wang: Maximizing sum of the distances between four points on the unit hemisphere (slides)
12:20End of session

Afternoon session: Automation and Illustrations, chair: Jacques Fleuriot

14:00Wolfgang Windsteiger: Automated Theorem Proving in the Classroom (invited talk) (slides)
14:40Jack Heimrath: The Area Method in the Wolfram Language (slides, tutorial)
15:00Pascal Schreck, Nicolas Magaud and David Braun: Mechanization of incidence projective geometry in higher dimensions, a combinatorial approach (slides)
15:40Predrag Janičić and Julien Narboux: Automated Generation of Illustrations for Synthetic Geometry Proofs (slides)
16:00Alexander Thaller and Zoltán Kovács: Online generation of proofs without words (slides)
16:20Tetsuo Ida and Hidekazu Takahashi: A New Modeling of Classical Folds in Computational Origami
16:40End of session

September 16, Thursday

Morning session: Formalization, chair: Julien Narboux

10:00Gilles Dowek: Sharing geometry proofs across logics and systems (invited talk) (slides)
10:40Richard Schmoetten, Jake Palmer and Jacques Fleuriot: Formalising Geometric Axioms for Minkowski Spacetime and Without-Loss-of-Generality Theorems (slides)
11:20Nicolas Magaud: Spreads and Packings of PG(3,2), Formally! (slides)
11:40Nuno Baeta and Pedro Quaresma: Open Geometry Prover Community Project (slides)
12:00End of session

Afternoon session: Discovery in Geometry, chair: Francisco Botana

14:00Pedro Quaresma: New and interesting theorems (invited talk) (slides)
14:40Zoltán Kovács, Tomas Recio and M. Pilar Vélez: GeoGebra Discovery in context (slides)
15:20Philip Todd: A method for the automated discovery of angle theorems (slides)
15:40Christopher W. Brown, Zoltán Kovács and Robert Vajda: Supporting proving and discovering geometric inequalities in GeoGebra by using Tarski (slides)
16:00Zoltán Kovács and Róbert Vajda: Parametric Root Finding to support discovering geometric inequalities in GeoGebra (slides)
16:20End of session

September 17, Friday

10:00Discussion: Robotics and other challenges for computer supported geometrical reasoning (moderator: Tomás Recio) (slides)
11:00Nuno Baeta and Pedro Quaresma: Geometry Automated Provers Systems Competition (slides)
12:00Business meeting
13:00Closing of the official program, free conversations in breakout rooms

Video recordings

All sessions have been recorded. The videos are available on YouTube. Some screenshots of memorable moments can be found here.


The Proceedings for ADG 2021 is published as volume EPTCS 352.
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