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Polynomial Algebra by Values
A. Amiraslani, R. M. Corless, L. Gonzalez-Vega, A. Shakoori
Distributed Computing in Algebraic Topology: first trials and errors, first programs
M. Andres, V. Pascual, A. Romero, J. Rubio
Equilibrium Points of Dynamical Systems and Polynomial Resultant
V. Lanchares Barrasa, A. I. Pascual, J. F. San Juan
A New Henselian Construction and its Application to Polynomial GCDs over Direct Product of Fields
F. Boulier, M. Moreno Maza, C. Oancea
Algorithmic Combinatorial Spencer Complex
E. Saenz de Cabezon
Debugging a High Level Language via a Unified Interpreter and Compiler Runtime Environment
J. Cai, M. Moreno Maza, S. Watt
An Implementation of Linear System Solving for Integer Matrices
Z. Chen, A. Storjohann
Output-sensitive Modular Algorithms for Polynomial Matrix Normal Forms
H. Cheng, G. Labahn
Symbolic-Numeric Approaches for the Surface-to-Surface Intersection Problem in Computer Aided Geometric Design
S. Corvez, F. Carreras, M. Fioravanti, L. Gonzalez-Vega, I. Necula, J. Puig-Pey, N. del Rio, C. Tanasescu, A. Seidl
An Algorithm to Factorize in a Quotient Ring
G. Dalzotto
Gröbner Fan and Universal Characteristic Sets of Prime Differential Ideals
O. Golubitsky
On Routing in Circulant Graphs of Degree 4
D. Gomez, J. Gutierrez, A. Ibeas, C. Martinez, R. Beivide
Aspect-Oriented Programming in the Design of Computer Algebra Libraries
M. Hitz
Simplifying Algebraic Extensions
M. van Hoeij, A. Novocin
Computing Epistasis of Generalized Royal Road functions using Walsh Transforms and the Hyperplane Averaging Theorem
M.T. Iglesias, V.S. Peñaranda, A. Verschoren
Examining a Heart on a String
L. Jankowski, A. Marlewski
Application of Spline Implicitization
B. Jüttler, J. Schicho, M. Shalaby
MBLAS: Modular Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms, Design and Speedup Techniques
Y. Kawame, H. Murao
Computer Algebra System Singular 2-2-0
V. Levandovskyy, H. Schönemann
Using Symmetry in a Polynomial System with the Dixon Resultant
R. H. Lewis
A Parallel Approach to Minimal Involutive Basis Algorithm
V. A. Mityunin, A. S. Semenov
Computing the Transition Dipolynomials of Certain Reversible Cellular Automata
A. Martin del Rey
New Methods on Bimodules
M. Garcia Roman, S. Garcia Roman
Creating an Electronic Book for Algorithms in Real Algebraic Geometry: a first experiment
M.-F. Roy, E. Briand, F. Carreras, L. Gonzalez-Vega, N. Gonzalez-Campos, I. Necula, H. Perdry, N. del Rio, C. Tanasescu, F. Rouillier, A. Seidl
Over-constrained Weierstrass Iteration and the Nearest Consistent System
O. Ruatta, M. Sciabica, A. Szanto
Numerical Stability of Surface Implicitization
J. Schicho, I. Szilágyi
The Accelerated Euclidean Algorithm
S. M. Sedjelmaci
Newton's Method with Deflation for Isolated Singularities
J. Verschelde, A. Zhao
An Implementation of Lupin's Plot Web Service
T. Watanabe, I. Kadota, Y. Morizane, M. Kono, L. Kai, H. Kai, M.-T. Noda
Factoring Systems of Linear Differential and Difference Equations with Finite-dimensional Solution Spaces
M. Wu
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