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Contributed Talks

The titles and abstracts were generated from the data of the original submissions (i.e. they are subject to change).


On Reducing a System of Equations to a Single Equation
G. S. Frandsen, I. E. Shparlinski
Efficient Desingularization of Reducible Algebraic Sets
G. Bodnar
Maximal Quotient Rational Reconstruction: An Almost Optimal Algorithm for Rational Reconstruction
M. Monagan
From Hypercircles to Units
T. Recio, J. Sendra, C. Villarino
Extracting Mathematical Expressions From Postscript Documents
M. Yang, R. Fateman
The characteristic ideal of a finite, connected, regular graph
J. M. Brunat, A. Montes
Symbolic Computation in the Homogeneous Geometric Model with Clifford Algebra
H. Li
Factoring polynomials via polytopes
F. Abu Salem, S. Gao, A. Lauder
Computer Proofs for Polynomial Identities in Arbitrary many Variables
M. Kauers
Symbolic Summation with Single-Nested Sum Extensions
C. Schneider
The Truncated Fourier Transform and Applications
J. van der Hoeven
Rational General Solutions of Algebraic Ordinary Differential Equations
R. Feng, X. Gao
Automatic Generation of Polynomial Loop Invariants: Algebraic Foundations
E. Rodriguez-Carbonell, D. Kapur
Decomposition of Differential Polynomials
X. Gao, M. Zhang
Algorithms for recognizing coordinates in two varaibles of UFD's of Characteristic zero
H. El Houari, M. El Kahoui
FFPACK: Finite field linear algebra package
J. Dumas, P. Giorgi, C. Pernet
Support Hull: Relating the Cayley-Dixon Resultant Constructions to the Support of a Polynomial System
A. D. Chtcherba, D. Kapur
Finding the Smallest Image of a Set
S. Linton
Inversion of parameterized hypersurfaces by means of subresultants
L. Buse, C. D'Andrea
Algorithms for Polynomial GCD Computation over Algebraic Function Fields
M. van Hoeij, M. Monagan
The approximate GCD of inexact polynomials Part II: a multivariate algorithm
Z. Zeng, B. H. Dayton
Improvements to a triangulation-decomposition algorithm for ordinary differential systems in higher degree cases.
E. Hubert
Parametrized Surfaces in ${\mathbb{P}}^3$ of bidegree $(1,2)$
M. Elkadi, A. Galligo, T. Le
On systems of algebraic equations with parametric exponents
K. Yokoyama
Complexity Issues in Bivariate Polynomial Factorization
A. Bostan, G. Lecerf, B. Salvy, E. Schost, B. Wiebelt
Sharp estimates for triangular sets
X. Dahan, E. Schost
Optimal Descriptions of Orbit Spaces and Strata of finite Groups
T. Bayer
Non-Liouvillian solutions for second order linear ODEs
E. S. Cheb-Terrab, L. Chan
Absolute polynomial factorization in two variables and the knapsack problem
G. Chèze
The polytope of non-crossing graphs on a planar point set.
D. Orden, F. Santos
Differential Rational Normal Forms and a Reduction Algorithm for Hyperexponential Functions
K. Geddes, H. Le, Z. Li
Toric Ideals of Homogeneous Phylogenetic Models
N. Eriksson
A Poly-Algorithmic Approach to Simplifying Elementary Functions.
J. Beaumont, R. Bradford, J. H. Davenport, N. Phisanbut
Reliable Krylov-Based Algorithms for Matrix Null Space and Rank
W. Eberly
Closed form solutions of linear odes having elliptic functions as coefficients
R. Burger, G. Labahn, M. van Hoeij
Sylvester A-Resultants for Bivariate Polynomials with Planar Newton Polygons
A. Khetan, N. Song, R. Goldman
Smith normal form of dense integer matrices, fast algorithms into practice
B. Saunders, Z. Wan
Understanding Expression Simplification
J. Carette
Numerical Parameterization of affine varieties using ODEs
D. A. Aruliah, R. M. Corless
Efficient Projection Orders for CAD
A. Dolzmann, A. Seidl, T. Sturm
Hyperexponential Solutions of Finite-rank Ideals in Uncoupled Ore Algebra
G. Labahn, Z. Li
Approximate factorization of multivariate polynomials via differential equations
S. Gao, E. Kaltofen, J. P. May, Z. Yang, L. Zhi
Computing Irredundant Irreducible Decompositions of Large Scale Monomial Ideals
R. A. Milowski
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