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Additional Information for Speakers

A PC with Windows XP, connected to a beamer and with the ability to open PDF and PostScript files, will be available for the speakers at the conference. For their convenience, they may send the final PDF or PS version of their talks before the conference, in order to install it in advance on the computer to avoid unnecessary delays, to

David Sevilla david.sevilla @

Of course, bringing the file or files in a floppy disk, CD or USB drive is a perfectly fine option.

For those who prefer using their own laptops, there will be other beamers available. If this is the case, please make sure to contact the organization before your scheduled talk to avoid delays.

There will also be two overhead projectors, for those who shall use transparencies in their talks. For any questions about these issues, please send an email to david.sevilla @

  issac2004 @