of the Kiev meeting

May 28 30, 2008



Wednesday, May 28



14:00 Tudor Jebelean and Anatoly Anisimov Welcome


14:15 Stepan Potiyenko Static Requirements Checking and Reachability Problem - Part I


14:45 Oleksandr Letychevskyi Static Requirements Checking and Reachability Problem - Part II


15:15 15:45 Break


15:45 Vladimir Peschanenko APS and Tools


16:15 Marina Morokovetz Parallel Logical Inference Search in Algebraic Programming System (APS)


16:45 Nikolaj Popov Functional Program Verification in Theorema. Recent Achievements and Perspectives





Thursday, May 29


10:00 Igor Konnov On Optimizing Computation of Semi-block Simulation


10:45 Valery Plisko On the Propositional Realizability


11:15 11:45 Break

11:45 Khimuri Rukhaia and Lali Tibua Modified TSR Theory


12:15 Michael Lvov About One Type of Polynomial Invariants for Linear Loops



13:00 14:00 Lunch break



14:15 Anatoly Anisimov and his team Reasoning in Natural Language


15:30 Andrei Paskevich Mathematical texts in SAD

16:00 16:30 Break


16:30 Anatoly Chebotarev (Presentation given by A. Paskevich) Verifying L Specifications of Reactive Algorithms Against Temporal Properties not Expressible in the Language L





Friday, May 30

11:00 Viorel Negru Presentation of Timisoara West University

11:30 Viorel Negru Intelligent Front-ends for Scientific Problem Solving


12:00 EvdinTorok and Marius Minea (Presentation given by T. Jebelean) StaticMemoryAccessChecking


13:00 Vitaly German Presentation not yet available


13:00 Tudor Jebelean Closing Remarks