11 Binomials and Multinomials

 11.1 The Multinomial Package
 11.2 Binomial Coefficients
 11.3 Multinomial Coefficients

This file implements a package that computes binomial and multinomial coefficients of integer numbers. It is tested in the file test/multinom.as.nw.

365* 13+   307  384
---- Combinat
---- Copyright (C) Ralf Hemmecke <ralf@hemmecke.de>
---- svn co svn://svn.risc.uni-linz.ac.at/hemmecke/combinat/

#include "combinat"
macro exquo(x, y) == x quo y;
pkg: MultinomialTools 367

exquo, used in chunks 372, 373, 669, and 670.
ToDo 61 We would like the faster algorithm to compute the exact quotient of integers since we know that the division leave no remainder, see [Jeb93]. Unfortunately, AldorInteger does not provide that function.