Bruno Buchberger

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Theory of "Groebner Bases'' / The Theorema Project / Decomposition of Goedel Numberings / Computer-Trees and the L-Machine / P-adic Arithmetic / Hybrid Approach to Robotics / Systolic Algorithms for Computer Algebra

Main Contributions / Computer-Trees and the L-Machine

From 1976 until 1985, my main research interest was the parallelization of symbolic computation algorithms and the construction of appropriate parallel machines. I introduced the notion of "Computer Trees" and, later, the notion of "L-machine" as a computational model and as a basis for an early distributed memory parallel machine. In 1978-1983, I built two versions of the L-machine that consisted of 8 processors in cooperation with an Austrian engineering company. I was able to implement various experimental parallel algorithms on this early parallel machine for demonstrating the future effects of parallelization.