Bruno Buchberger

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Theory of "Groebner Bases'' / The Theorema Project / Decomposition of Goedel Numberings / Computer-Trees and the L-Machine / P-adic Arithmetic / Hybrid Approach to Robotics / Systolic Algorithms for Computer Algebra

Main Contributions / Decomposition of Goedel Numberings

Operational semantics of programming languages and the study of Goedel numberings was my main research interest in the period 1968-1976. I wanted to find necessary and sufficient conditions for making a computability mechanism universal. My main contribution was the notion of a recursive automaton decomposition of Goedel numberings and the proof that every Goedel numbering (abstract model of a universal programming language) can be decomposed into recursive input / transition / and output functions in a natural way. I finally also managed to characterize the possible input / transition / and output functions of Goedel numberings (universal programming languages).