Bruno Buchberger


Gröbner Bases Special Semester 2006

February - July 2006, at RICAM in Linz and RISC in Hagenberg, Austria.


Search for Citations:

In order to obtain references to my papers and my main contribution (Groebner bases) in other papers (citations), use for example the Research Index or the SCIRUS system or Google Scholar and enter the key word "B Buchberger or Bruno Buchberger"  or the key word  "Groebner or Grobner". In the Research Index, if you want citations, click the citations button.


A Comprehensive Book on Gröbner Bases:

B. Buchberger, F. Winkler (eds.)
Gröbner Bases and Applications.
Cambridge University Press, 1998,
552 pages.


My Current Main Research Interest:

For my current main research project see Theorema.

The Theorema project is also a member of  the Special Research Consortium SFB13 on "Scientific Computing" at the University of Linz.

Theorema is also pursued in my working group in the frame of RICAM (Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics).


The Main Forum for Symbolic Computation Research:

The Journal of Symbolic Computation
(Founding editor 1985-1995:  B. Buchberger.
Editor 1995/2000: B.F. Caviness
Current editor 2000-: Hoon Hong)