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The Makefile


Since re-compilation of the system is necessary after every change in a setup-file, e.g. after changing the coefficient domain or the ordering of monomials, it is crucial to have a carefully maintained makefile. This prevents unnecessary compilation provided that the dependencies between the files are set up correctly. Particularly on slower machines this yields an enormous speed up of the process of re-compilation.

In the following, we will describe the variables  defined in the makefile.

The C compiler that should be used for compilation. This variable is used by make in the default rule, how to produce an object file from a source file.
Options given to the compiler. Like CC, this variable is used in the default rule.
Contains the directory, where the header file for SACLIB can be found.
Contains the directory, where the header files for GRÖBNER can be found.
When our I/O library is used, this variable contains the directory, where the header file for the library can be found.
Contains the files, on which all other files depend. In the present stage, these files are groebner.h and groebner_globals.h.
Contains the name of the library that is produced.
Contains the program that should be used for filtering trace statements as described in Section 1.6.
Contains all object files that should be contained in the library.


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