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Files and Directories


In this section we briefly sketch the structure of the ``Gröbner-directory'' and give a short description of the contents of the various subdirectories.

Main directory for GRÖBNER. It contains the following subdirectories:
Directory containing executable programs that are used by GRÖBNER. In the present state, it contains the shell scripts activate-trace  and compute-mask  and the C executable program filter-trace  together with its source file filter-trace.c, which are described in Section 1.6. It must be guaranteed, that this directory is contained in the search path of the shell, otherwise the programs cannot be executed.
Directory containing all files that are included by an #include statement in the preprocessing phase. These are the header files for the domains, the coercion units, and all setup files . In addition it also contains the file trace.setup , see Section 1.6.
Directory containing the library file groebner.a.
Directory containing the source files together with the makefile and the object files.

Main directory for the I/O library provided for GRÖBNER. We do not go into details here, see Section 1.6.
Directory containing a sample application, which should show, which steps are necessary to use GRÖBNER.
Directory containing an installation program and two shell-scripts to call the application program:
  This program installs GRÖBNER, the I/O library, and the application program in your environment. The first part of this program contains settings of some variables concerning pathnames in your environment. The comments explain which modifications are necessary for a correct installation. In the second part the library is automatically compiled and installed according to the setting of those variables. This step involves adjusting of the variables in the Makefiles , editing the shell-scripts activate-trace  and compute-mask  (see Section 1.6), and compilation of the libraries and the sample application. This part needs no modification by the user.

When installation is finished, mail containing a trace of the installation procedure is automatically sent to the authors. This mail serves for two purposes:

  • Information about new users. Your mail address will be put on a list so that you can be informed about new versions, bug fixes, etc.
  • Information about different platforms. Difficulties during installation on platforms different from the ones we know become transparent and can be overcome.
As a courtesy to the authors, do not delete this line from the installation script.
  to start the application program and set up the environment properly. Note that the command line argument ``h'' supplies help on the optional parameters that can be passed to the program.
  to start the application program in a separate X-term and also set up the environment.

Directory containing a bitmap file, which can be used as icon for GRÖBNER. In order to use this, one must configure the window manager appropriately.
Directory containing test examples.
Directory containing help files to be displayed for on-line help provided by the I/O library.
  Contains settings of some variables when the application program is used under the X-windows system. One can either include the contents of this file into ones own .Xdefaults file or merge the contents into the X resource database when the program is started.


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