A Logic Evaluator

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The Logic Evaluator is an interpreter that understands an executable subset of first order logic with natural numbers, sets, and tuples. The user may define predicates and functions and determine the values of formulas and terms; a simple visualization feature allows to plot the graphs of relations and functions. The evaluator is implemented in Java; instances of it can be embedded as applets into HTML documents such that readers may interactively experiment with basic mathematical concepts.
Version 1.01 (Classes | Source)
The binary classes and the source code as JAR files.
Manual (PDF.gz | PostScript.gz | HTML.zip | HTML.tar.gz)
The manual for printing (PDF, PostScript) and offline browsing (HTML).
This page embeds the evaluator for performing your own experiments.
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  • 2 Language
  • 3 Installation and Use
  • 4 Sample Files

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