Algorithmic Combinatorics Seminar, Summer 2008

Time: Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00

Place: Seminarraum Schloss Hagenberg

05.03. Peter Paule Organizational items
Prof. Qing-Hu Hou MacMahon's partition analysis --- theory and software
12.03. No seminar
02.04. (16:00-18:00) Prof. Ron King Invariant theory and qubits, and the hive model of Littlewood-Richardson coefficients abstract
09.04. No seminar
16.04. No seminar (Symbolic Summation block: 14:00 - 18:00)
23.04 (14:00 - 18:00) Christoph Koutschan Elimination algorithms for proving multivariate holonomic function identities
Burcin Eröcal Different approaches to computing MacMahon's Omega operator
30.04. No seminar
07.05. No seminar
14.05. Flavia Stan Integrals from Quantum Field Theory
21.05. Jakob Ablinger The Quasi-Shuffle Algebra for Harmonic Sums
23.05. (15:00-17:00) Prof. Alex Berkovich GBG-rank, t-cores and counting at the roots of unity abstract
28.05. Veronika Pillwein Finding Clausen's formula and similar identities by parameter identification via Gosper's equation
Karin Nachbagauer Frobenius Method for Solving Differential Euations
04.06. No seminar (Symbolic Summation block: 14:00-18:00)
05.06. (17:00-18:30) Prof. Volker Strehl On a Combinatorial Eigenvalue Problem
09.06. (13:30-14:30) Prof. George E. Andrews Partitions, Durfee Symbols and the Atkin-Garvan Moments of Ranks
11.06. (14:00-18:00) Christina Paul Apery's Proof of Irrationality of Zeta(3) - Part 1
Manuela Reischl Apery's Proof of Irrationality of Zeta(3) - Part 2
Christian Punzengruber Solving Linear Systems by Chinese Remaindering and Rational Reconstruction
18.06. Christoph Koutschan Creative telescoping ā la Chyzak
25.06. No seminar

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