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Performing blowing up operation on a chart-record along a given center. The center is defined either by giving indices to IND or by giving the defining equations of normal crossing hypersurfaces. The procedure creates new chart-records whose charts cover the blown up variety and the basic objects are transformed properly along the stack. The new charts are embedded into the affine ambient space of the input chart (i.e. the number of k-algebra generators remain the same).

a chart-record,
a list of pairwise different indices to the IND member of the chart of the chart-record or the generators of normal crossing hypersurfaces defining the blowing up center,
boolean, true if the transformation is a "goodpoint" blowing up, false in the generic case.
a list of chart-records covering the blowing up of the input chart along the canter C, such that all charts has ambient affine space with the same dimension as the input chart.
The input chart is moved to chartHistory and the operation is registered in chartTree. The value of globalChartCounter is increased as needed.

This variant of blowup is used when skewcover is true.

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