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Computation of the maximum of the Villamayor stratifying function over a chart record.

the chart record from which the function value is to be extracted,
the the defining indices of the blowing up center in case of monomial objects, which is the result of the Gamma function.
A list of lists, where each sublist contains the part of the function value which is extracted from basic objects of the same dimension. The sublists go through the basic objects in decreasing dimension, and the members of a sublist correspond with the definitions of [EV00].

Asterisks mark the case when the codimension-one part of the maximum stratum is not empty, thus the maximal function value is 'infinity'.

The maximal function value over a given chart can be considered completely computed only when the center is determined (i.e. at the point when the algorithm is about to perform a blowing up). In the intermediate stages (for instance at nodes in the HTML tree which represent cover or exchange operations) the function value is only partially computed, or some components (marked by "?") can even be undetermined.

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