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Using GRÖBNER in Your Own Application


This section describes how to use GRÖBNER (or parts of it) in ones own application.

First, one has to setup the main program for calling routines from SACLIB. This step is described in the SACLIB manual, which is contained in the SACLIB distribution.

In addition, all one needs to do is to include the header file groebner.h and to link the library groebner.a to the application. Functions needed for initialization of the library are extract_info4groebner, init_groebner_globals, and start_groebner. See Part ii of this manual for a description of these functions, and the main program of our sample application in the directory Groebner/APP.

If the provided I/O library is not used, one probably has to provide conversion routines that convert data into the format needed by GRÖBNER. The data structures used in GRÖBNER are described accurately in Section 3.

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