The Centre

The Centre for Language, Logic and Speech (LLS) is a research and education centre of the Tbilisi State University, in which researchers from the Institute of Oriental Studies, Razmadze Mathematical Institute, Institute of Control Systems, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Tbilisi State University collaborate.

The centre pursues interdisciplinary research and education, aiming at bringing together aspects from various disciplines in the areas of linguistics, logic, and computer science.


The Research and Education Centre of Logic, Language and Speech (LLS) was founded at the Tbilisi State University in 1994. In 1996 it became a Coordinating Node in the "ELSNET Goes East" (EGE) Project of the European Network of Excellence in Human Language Technologies (ELSNET). Since 1998 the Centre is a member of ELSNET.

Since 1995, the Centre biennialy organizes the International Symposium on Language, Logic, Computation and a series of summer schools on the same topics. The Journal of Logic, Language and Computation is being published since 2005. Collaboration has been establishes with the universities, institutes and professional societies in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Austria, Sweden, Italy, United States, Germany, Russia. Many former members of the Centre are currenlty working in Western universities.

Read more about the early history of the Centre in the article "Does ELSNET No Longer Go East?", published in the ELSNET Newsletter ELSNews, No. 9.1 in 2000.


CLLS aims to advance research and education on language, logic, and computation in Georgia by expanding and strengthening international contacts with corresponding foreign centers and universities, intensifying exchange of students, young researchers and lecturers with them, continuing the series of biennial Symposia and Summer Schools on Language, Logic, Computation, and organizing systematic courses on various disciplines from linguistics, logic, and computer science for undergraduate and postgraduate students of various departments in Georgian universities.