14 Developed Software Systems

The RISC Algorithm Language (RISCAL) (2017–)
A language and associated software system for specifying and verifying mathematical algorithms.
LogicGuard (2014–2017)
A stream monitor specification language and associated monitoring system.
The RISC ProgramExplorer (2008–)
An attempt towards an environment for formal program analysis and reasoning that integrates the RISC ProofNavigator as a proof assistant.
The RISC ProofNavigator (2005–2008)
An attempt towards an interactive proof assistant as a first component of a future environment for formal program and system reasoning.
Distributed Maple (1998–2001)
A system for writing parallel programs in the computer algebra system Maple based on a communication and scheduling mechanism implemented in Java.
Logic Evaluator (1999)
A system for writing executable mathematical definitions in a subset of first order predicate logic with set theory applied in the undergraduate education of computer science students at the Johannes Kepler University.
Generic Programming System (1996–1998)
A programming environment (language and compiler) for the development of generic programs based on the concept of parameterized modules (functors).
DAJ — Distributed Algorithms in Java (1997)
A Java toolkit for developing, simulating, and visualizing distributed algorithms and embedding them into electronic documents.
RISC Information System (1996–1997)
Web server and database integration.
RT++ Thread Package (1996)
A C++ package that implements higher-order threads in a type-safe framework with garbage collection.
pD Compiler (1993–1994)
A compiler for a para-functional programming language that uses a new technique to generate parallelism from annotated functional programs.
PACLIB Runtime Kernel (1992–1993)
A parallel kernel for the computer algebra library SACLIB supporting on a shared memory multiprocessor tasks as first order objects with garbage-collection, non-determinism, and lazy task creation.
ADAM Abstract Dataflow Machine (1989–1990)
A parallel runtime simulator for a new kind of dataflow architecture on a multi-transputer system.