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Introduction (PostScript Slides)
A cross-section of the course.
Parallel Program Design (PostScript Slides)
A methodological approach to parallel program design.
Performance of Parallel Programs (PostScript Slides)
Measures and models of parallel program performance.
Vector Programming (PostScript Slides)
Pipelining, vector operations, automatic vectorization.
Convex SPP System Overview (PostScript Slides)
Hardware, operating system, development tools; the automatically parallelizing compiler.
Shared Memory Programming (PostScript Slides)
Algorithms for matrix multiplication: row/column oriented algorithm, block-oriented algorithm; shared memory synchronization: locks, semaphores, barriers.
MPI Message Passing Interface (Chapter from Foster's Book) (Example Programs)
A tutorial on MPI programming.
Distributed Memory Programming (PostScript Slides)
Distributed memory algorithms for matrix multiplication: SIMD algorithms, row-oriented algorithm; embedding into hypercube; block algorithm.
Performance Analysis (PostScript Slides)
Data collection, transformation, and visualization; profiles, counters, traces; visualization tools.
Multiprocessor Architectures (PostScript Slides)
Shared memory architectures; cache consistency; distributed memory architectures, interconnection topologies, message routing, broadcasting; distributed shared memory architectures, NUMA, COMA; commercial systems.
Basic Methods
Scheduling algorithms; deadlock detection and avoidance; consumer/producer problem; reader/writer problem; distributed random number generation.

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