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Calculemus 2007 will be held jointly with MKM 2007. Calculemus will be surrounded by the following workshops on topics of related interest.

  • WING 2007 (Workshop on Invariant Generation; June 25/26)
  • PLMMS 2007 (Workshop on Programming Languages for Mechanized Mathematics; June 29/30)

MKM 2007 will be surrounded by three workshops. The overall structure of the program is as follows.

Sa 23rd So 24th Mo 25th Tue 26th Wed 27th Thu 28th Fri 29th Sat 30th

WING 2007
W3C face2face OpenMath/MathML/JEM 2007 MathUI 2007
MKM 2007

The Calculemus/MKM meeting is part of the RISC Summer conference series which includes the following events:

  • CoCoA School (June 18--20)
  • SCIEnce Training Event (June 24--July 8)
  • MEGA 2007 (June 24--30)
  • AB 2007 (July 2--4)
  • ISPDC 2007 (July 5--7)

Please consult the RISC Summer homepage for further details. Here are some further events on related subjects:

  • ICIAM07: 6th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics; July 16--20