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Distributed Maple

Distributed Maple is a system for writing parallel programs in the computer algebra system Maple. It allows to create concurrent task and have them executed by Maple kernels running on different machines of a network. The system consists of two components:

  1. A Java class library which implements a general purpose communication framework and scheduling mechanism for distributed applications.
  2. A binding that allows to access the Java scheduler from Maple and implements a parallel programming model on top.

Distributed Maple:

Version 1.1.17 (bug fixes).
Applications:Version 1.3 (Berlekamp algorithm).

The README file of the distribution, the revision history, and the INSTALL description.
Manual [Online | PostScript]
The manual does not yet describe the fault tolerance mechanisms of the system: to be updated soon.
The online documentation and the gzipped PostScript file for printing.
Download [Tar File | Zip File]
Download the software package consisting of Java scheduler and Maple binding (including manual).
Applications [Tar File | Zip File | README | CHANGES | INSTALL | EXAMPLES]
Parallel versions of functions from the Maple library and from the CASA library developed with Distributed Maple.
Some papers on the package and its use.
Distributed Mathematica
A Mathematica interface to the Distributed Maple software framework.

Maintained by: Wolfgang Schreiner
Last Modification: April 6, 2010