DAJ -- A Toolkit for the Simulation of Distributed Algorithms in Java

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Wolfgang Schreiner
Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC-Linz)
Johannes Kepler University, A-4040 Linz, Austria
October 1, 1998


This reports describes the DAJ toolkit for designing, implementing, testing, simulating, and visualizing distributed algorithms in Java. DAJ consists of a Java class library with a simple programming interface that allows to develop distributed algorithms in a message passing model. The resulting programs may be executed in standalone mode using a Java interpreter or embedded as applets into HTML pages and executed by Web browsers. The goal of the toolkit is to provide an universally accessible platform for research and education in the area of distributed algorithms. DAJ is freely available over the World Wide Web.
  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Using the Toolkit
  • 3 Installing the Toolkit
  • 4 Building Applications
  • 5 Programming Nodes
  • References
  • A Proving Assertions
  • B Distributed Snapshots
  • Footnotes

  • Maintainer: Wolfgang Schreiner
    Last Modification: October 1, 1998

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