DAJ Copying Conditions

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DAJ was developed by

Wolfgang Schreiner
Email: Wolfgang.Schreiner@risc.uni-linz.ac.at
WWW: http://www.risc.uni-linz.ac.at/people/schreine

who is the only owner of all parts of the toolkit.

Binary Code

The DAJ toolkit is in its binary form available for free use provided that the use of the toolkit is properly cited in resulting applications and publications. Further distribution is permitted under the constraint that the whole set of class files is distributed without modification.

I'd appreciate if you would send me any programs that you have written using the toolkit (binary and, if possible, source code) plus any accompanying documentation or publications.

Source Code

The source code of the DAJ toolkit is generally not available for free inspection or modification. If you encounter any problems or bugs, please notify me. If you have suggestions for extensions in functionality, please tell me. I probably do not have time to develop the extensions myself, but I may give you access to the source code to incorporate the functionality under conditions to be negotiated.

If the toolkit does not work properly in some Java environment and you would like to make it run there, please send me an email describing the problem. I may then give you access to the source code under the following conditions (which are intended to ensure that only authorized versions of the toolkit are circulating and that proper credit is given to their developers):

  1. You may use the source code to port the toolkit to your environment and to freely run existing and/or develop new programs with your modified version.
  2. You must not give any third party access to the toolkit's (modified or unmodified) source code or to the toolkit's modified binary code.
  3. You must not modify the content of the "About Toolkit" window, modify the menu structure, or perform any other visible change or extension of the toolkit's functionality apart from defining the content of the "About Algorithm" window.
  4. You must send me the (full) modified source code by which you give me the right to incorporate the changes into the master source, to maintain a separate version of the source, and to distribute the resulting binary code.
  5. If I use your changed source in any way, I will acknowledge your contribution by your name, email address, and affiliation in the "About Toolkit" window of the resulting toolkit and in this document.
  6. I reserve the right not to use your changed source and not to distribute the modified toolkit.
  7. In any case, I remain the only owner of the toolkit's full copyright with the constraint that the DAJ binary code will be further freely available on the World Wide Web.

Maintained by: Wolfgang Schreiner
Last Modification: November 6, 1997

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