RISC-Linz Software Packages

This page lists software packages developed at RISC-Linz in the frame of various research projects.

is a programming package for performing computations and reasoning about geometric objects in classical algebraic geometry.
is the prototype of a distributed implementation of a functional-logic language embedded into Mathematica.
Combinatorial Software
The researchers on combinatorics at RISC provide various pieces of software, mainly packages for the computer algebra systems Maple and Mathematica. To get the password, just send an email to Peter Paule.
is a toolkit for designing, implementing, testing, simulating, and visualizing distributed algorithms in Java.
Distributed Maple
is a Java-based package for writing parallel programs in Maple and executing them on networks of computers.
Distributed Mathematica
uses the software framework developed for Distributed Maple for the parallel execution of Mathematica programs.
GHC-Maple Interface
is an interface between the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) implementation of the functional programming language Haskell and the computer algebra system Maple.
is a system for computing Gröbner bases based on SACLIB.
is a parallel programming package that provides "higher-order threads" in C++.
The Theorema software extends current computer algebra systems by facilities for supporting mathematical proving.

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