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TitleA Singular Introduction to Commutative Algebra
Author(s) Gert-Martin Greuel, Gerhard Pfister
TextTable of contents downloadable
TypeBook, Chapter in Book, Conference Proceeding
AbstractThis book can be understood as a model for teaching commutative algebra, taking into account modern developments such as algorithmic and computational aspects. As soon as a new concept is introduced, it is shown how to handle it by computer. The computations are exemplified with the computer algebra system Singular developed by the authors. Singular is a special system for polynomial computation with many features for global as well as for local commutative algebra and algebraic geometry.
The book includes a CD with a version of Singular for various platforms (Unix/Linux, Windows, Macintosh), including all examples and procedures explained in the book. The book can be used for courses, seminars and as a basis for studying research papers in commutative algebra, computer algebra and algebraic geometry.
Keywordsalgebra, algebraic geometry, commutative algebra, computer algebra
URL http://www.springeronline.com/sgw/cda/frontpage/0,11855,1-10042-22-2133945-detailsPage%253Dppmmedia%257Ctoc%257Ctoc,00.html
Translation No
Refereed Yes