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TitleModern Computer Algebra
Author(s) Jürgen Gerhard, Joachim von zur Gathen
TypeBook, Chapter in Book, Conference Proceeding
AbstractComputer algebra systems are gaining more and more importance in all areas of science and engineering. This textbook gives a thorough introduction to the subject, which is the basis of the mathematical engine in computer algebra systems. It is designed to accompany one- or two-semester courses for advanced undergraduate or graduate students in computer science or mathematics. However its comprehensiveness and authority will mean it will be an essential reference also for professionals in the area. Special features include: detailed study of algorithmics including time analysis; implementation reports on several topics; complete proofs of the mathematical underpinnings; a wide variety of applications (including in chemistry, coding theory, cryptography, and the design of calendars and musical scales). Some of this material has never appeared before in book form. Finally, a great deal of historical information and illustration is included.

Text provides an introduction to the algorithmic basis of the mathematical engine in computer algebra systems. For advanced undergraduate and graduate students in computer science and mathematics.
CopyrightCambridge University Press
URL http://www-math.uni-paderborn.de/mca/
PublisherCambridge University Press
Translation No
Refereed Yes