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The RISC Algorithm Language (RISCAL)

July 15, 2024: RISCAL 4.3.0 (integration with RISCTP 1.8.0, proof method MESON enabled, bundled with eclipse-2024-06 packages)

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The RISC Algorithm Language (RISCAL) is a specification language and associated software system for describing mathematical algorithms, formally specifying their behavior based on mathematical theories, and validating the correctness of algorithms, specifications, and theories by execution/evaluation. RISCAL also includes an interface to various SMT solvers and provides (via an embedding of the RISCTP theorem proving interface) theorem proving capabilities. The software has been implemented in Java; it is freely available under the terms of the GNU GPL. Take a look at this video presentation and this paper.

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Virtual Machine: You can download a pre-configured virtual Linux machine (for the free VirtualBox virtualization software) with RISCAL for execution under MS Windows, Mac OS, or Linux:
Virtual Machine with RISCAL
To start the software, login as user "guest" with password "guest", double-click the "Terminal" icon, then execute "RISCAL &". The installation of the software with sample specifications is available in "/software/RISCAL".
RISC Users: RISCAL is installed in the RISC environment. To start the softwarem execute
module load RISCAL
Download RISCAL
This includes all the files for running the software on 64-bit GNU/Linux x86 computers; for others, the appropriate version of the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) has to be downloaded and installed.
See the files README, CHANGES, and COPYING.
Tutorial and Manual [HTML | PDF]
This is the user documentation of the software.
Subversion Repository
This is a web interface to the Subversion repository that holds the source code of the program. The repository can be read anonymously by any Subversion client from the URL
A software to produce web exercises for RISCAL.
Video Presentation
A slide-based video presentation on RISCAL.
Publications and reports on RISCAL.
Further slide presentations on RISCAL.

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Last modified: July 15, 2024