RISC RISC Research Institute for Symbolic Computation  

Computer Algebra Seminar (Winter 2016/2017)

Supervisor: F. Winkler
Time: Thursday, 10:15 - 11:45
Place: Seminarraum, Schloß Hagenberg
13.10.F. Winkler organization of the seminar
C. Fürst On termination of the generalized GB algorithm
27.10.T.N. Vo Progress in PhD thesis & Stay in NYC
 3.11.J. Capco Generalizing concepts in field theory to rings
10.11.J. Capco Generalizing concepts in field theory to rings
24.11.P. Riegler Validating finite domain instances of verification conditions by SMT
 1.12., 15:30F. Schwarz (Fraunhofer, Bonn)Decomposition of quasilinear second-order differential equations
15.12.A. Jimenez-Pastor PDEs over graphs and applications
16.12.  LARD meeting
19. 1.K.L. Tran Kähler differential algebras for 0-dimensional schemes

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