RISC RISC Research Institute for Symbolic Computation  

Computer Algebra Seminar (Summer 2014)

Supervisor: F. Winkler
Time: Thursday, 14:30 - 16:00
Place: Seminarraum, Schloß Hagenberg
13.3.F. Winkler organization of the seminar
20.3.G. Grasegger A solution method for algebraic partial differential equations
27.3.Vo Ngoc Thieu On local cohomology
 3.4.J. Hossein On computation of Hilbert series
24.4.M. Steglehner Flexible solutions of robotics problems
 8.5.C. Fürst Gröbner bases in the Weyl algebra
15.5.E. Hubert  (INRIA)Induced curvature flow and integrability
22.5.A. Maletzky Formalizing the complexity analysis of Buchberger's algorithm
12.6.Vo Ngoc Thieu AODEs: algebraic solutions and degree bounds
23.6.G.-M. Greuel (Univ. Kaiserslautern)On the classification of singularities and a novel database for mathematical software
26.6.J. Hossein On offset curves and surfaces

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