RISC RISC Research Institute for Symbolic Computation  

Computer Algebra Seminar (Winter 2018/2019)

Supervisor: F. Winkler
Time: Thursday, 10:15 - 11:45
Place: Seminarraum, Schloß Hagenberg
24.09.Y. Ishihara (Rikkyo Univ.)Effective Localization
11.10.F. Winkler organization of the seminar
18.10. --- no seminar, Wissenschaftstag
25.10.J. Mitteramskogler Dissertationskolloquium: The algebro-geometric solution methods for ADEs - Theory and Software
08.11.J. Capco Sums of squares of rational polynomials
15.11.C. Raab (RICAM) Operator identities
22.11.J. Middeke An introduction to the Hermite Normal Form
29.11.S. Falkensteiner Newton-Puiseux technique
06.12.C. Fürst My new favorite group
13.12.T.L. Hoa (Hanoi Inst.Math.)

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