Project seminar: Computer Algebra (Summer semester 2021)

Chair: F. Winkler
Time: Thursday, 10:15 - 11:45
Place: seminar room, Schloß Hagenberg or via Zoom
11.03.F. Winkler organization of the seminar
18.03.J. Mitteramskogler Transformations of algebraic ODEs
15.04.T.N. Vo
(Ton Duc Thang Univ., HCM City, Vietnam)
Rational solutions of first-order algebraic difference equations
22.04.F. Boulier
(Univ. Lille, France)
Differential algebra and tropical differential algebraic geometry
29.04.Y. Huang
(Tiangong Univ., Tianjin, China)
Passivity and synchronization of complex dynamical networks
06.05. (14:15)E. Shemyakova
(Univ. of Toledo, Toledo OH, USA)
On super Plücker embedding and cluster algebras
20.05.F. Winkler
M. Kreuzer (Univ. Passau)
joint seminar RISC / Univ. Passau:
M. Kreuzer and L.N.  Long: Border Bases
S. Falkensteiner: Local Solutions of First Order Autonomous AODEs
J. Mitteramskogler: Rational general solutions of parametrizable first order AODEs
27.05. (14:00)Q.N. Tran
(SE Louisiana Univ., Hammond, USA)
Formal validation of automation systems using model checkers
10.06.K. Nabeshima
(Tokyo Univ. of Science, Tokyo, Japan)
Computing Noetherian differential operators of zero-dimensional primary ideals and their applications
17.06.S. Falkensteiner Recent development in Tropical Differential Algebra
24.06.F. Winkler my life in computer algebra
01.07.F. Winkler and S. Falkensteiner ADES Workshop (URL: https://risc.jku.at/c/algebraic-and-differential-equation-solving/)

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