How to create this website


This website has been created using Sphinx.

It is assumed that a version of Python is already installed locally. If not, run

sudo apt-get install python

To install Sphinx is as easy as running

sudo easy_install -U Sphinx

in some directory. It would install Sphinx system-wide.

Assuming that you have python installed but no root access to your computer, you can also install it in your HOME directory without messing up any other directory. For this we use python’s virtual environment and install everything under $HOME/pythonstuff. Use bash as shell. Do the following.

mkdir -p $D
cd $D
git clone git://
cd virtualenv
git checkout master
python $D
source $D/bin/activate
pip install sphinx

For future use, you have to run

source $HOME/pythonstuff/bin/activate

prior to your work with sphinx.


Compilation is simply done by

make html

(note that you have to activate the virtual environment (see command above)) and then moving the content of doc/build/html into the right place on the webserver.

Update of the official website

Compilation and copying to the official webserver has been combined into a single command.

make update-website