Algorithmic Combinatorics Seminar, Winter 2013/14

Time: Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00

Place: Seminar room pond, RISC, Hagenberg

09.10. Peter Paule Organizational Items
Dr. Armin Straub On the ubiquity of modular forms and Apery-like numbers
16.10. Axel Bacher Weakly prudent self-avoiding walks
23.10. Fredrik Johansson Progress on algorithms for high-precision evaluation of special functions slides
30.10. Dr. Ruyong Feng Computing Galois Groups of Linear Differential Equations
Dr. Shaoshi Chen Telescopers for compatible rational functions and the inverse problem in parameterized Picard--Vessiot theory
06.11. Felix Breuer Introduction to Erhart theory
13.11. Prof. Dr. Dominique Foata Entringer numbers and Poupard Calculus abstract
20.11. Alexander Hasselhuhn Some Mathematica Tools in Loop Calculations
27.11. Prof. Dr. Mark Giesbrecht Quasideterminants and "Fast" Algorithms for Matrices of Ore Polynomials abstract
04.12 Manuel Kauers Bounds for Creative Telescoping
11.12. Brandt James Kronholm An Introduction to Integer Partitions and Recent Results on Certain Restricted Partition Functions
08.01. Dr. Stefan Gerhold Disproof of a conjecture by Rademacher on partial fractions abstract
15.01. M. Kauers Desingularization
22.01. L. Jiu Implementation of an Algorithm on Converting Sums into Nested Sums
29.01. S. Radu An algorithmic approach to certain identities related to the partition function modulo p

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