Algorithmic Combinatorics Seminar, Winter 2004/05

Time: Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00

Place: Seminarraum Schloss Hagenberg

06.10. George E. Andrews Partitions with Short Sequences and Ramanujan's Mock Theta Functions

Abstract: In a recent paper "Integrals, Partitions and Cellular Automata" in the Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, Holroyd, Liggett and Romik evaluated an intriguing definite integral and applied it to a variety of probability models. The application to integer partitions concerned partitions in which no sequence of consecutive integers of length k appears (k=2,3,...). The authors note that in one instance a proof of their result can also be based on a little known partition theorem of P.A. MacMahon. Our object in this talk will be to introduce these ideas and to develop the study of such partitions from a purely combinatorial, q-series point of view. Surprisingly one of Ramanujan's mysterious mock theta functions arises quite naturally.

13.10. Peter Paule Organizational items
Axel Riese The new Web pages of the combinatorics group
Axel Riese Unforeseen problems in the computer proof of a strange hypergeometric identity
20.10. Peter Paule et al. Group pictures
Peter Paule et al. Meeting with the Schöberl group
27.10. Stefan Gerhold Positivity of C-finite sequences (Part I)
03.11. Stefan Gerhold Positivity of C-finite sequences (Part II)
10.11. Viktor Levandovskyy Recent Developments in Algorithmic Questions of Noncommutative Computational Algebra
Viktor Levandovskyy Gröbner Basics in a Noncommutative Setting: Algorithms and Applications
17.11. Peter Paule Contiguous relations (Part I)
24.11. Peter Paule Contiguous relations (Part II)
01.12. Peter Paule Contiguous relations (Part III)
Burki Zimmermann On guessing sequences
15.12. Peter Paule Canceled
12.01. Peter Paule Canceled
19.01. Stefan Gerhold The sequence of primes is not holonomic
Stefan Gerhold and Manuel Kauers On proving special functions inequalities
26.01. Peter Paule Evaluation of Maths Institutes

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