Algorithmic Combinatorics Seminar, Summer 2012

Time: Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00

Place: Seminarraum Schloss Hagenberg

7.03. Peter Paule Organizational items
Thotsaporn Thanatipanonda Harmonic interpolation based on Radon projections along the sides of regular polygons
Mark Round A refined approach to holonomic multi-summation
14.03. Thotsaporn Thanatipanonda On Schmidt's Conjecture
Ionela Moale A note on uniformal approximation of functions having a double pole
21.03. Manuel Kauers Positivity of holonomic functions
28.03. Prof. Matthias Beck Integer Partitions from a Geometric Viewpoint abstract
18.04. Ainhoa Aparicio-Monforte Formal Laurent series in several variables
25.04. Yongjae Cha Rational solutions of tensor products of difference operators
02.05. Clemens Raab On Algebraic Independence of Non-Liouvillian Functions
09.05. Sivliu Radu Subbarao's conjecture
16.05. Stephen Melczer Lattice walks restricted to the positive quarter plane (and octant)
23.05. Prof. Ron King Schur functions and generating functions for Kostka, Littlewood-Richardson and Kronecker coefficients, and their stretched versions abstract
30.05. Manuel Kauers Petkovsek's algorithm for beginners
Prof. James A. Sellers Combinatorial proofs of (some of) Aek's identities
06.06. (16:00-17:30) Mark Round Drowning in data and computer algebra issues
13.06. Prof. James A. Sellers Properties of m-ary Partitions Without 'Gaps
20.06. Silviu Radu An elementary proof of some results due to Deligne and Rapoport
27.06. Mark Round Drowning in data and computer algebra issues (Part II)
Prof. Thirsty Have Fun
19.07. (13:30-15:00) Prof. Lily Yen A bijection for switching all crossing and nesting numbers for a subclass of matchings, set partitions, and permutations abstract

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