Algorithmic Combinatorics Seminar, Summer 2005

Time: Wednesday, 14:00 - 16:00

Place: Seminarraum Schloss Hagenberg

09.03. Peter Paule Organizational items
Burkhard Zimmermann Report on "Sharp Upper Bounds for the Orders of the Recurrences Outputted by the Zeilberger and q-Zeilberger Algorithms" by Mohamud Mohammed and Doron Zeilberger [Appeared in J. Symbolic Computation 39(2005) 201-207.]
16.03. Stefan Gerhold Proving inequalities with Poincaré's Theorem
The density of the positivity set of a recurrence sequence
06.04. Carsten Schneider When is 0.999... equal to 1?
13.04. Manuel Bronstein Discussion of ongoing research in symbolic integration
20.04. Carsten Schneider Software demo (the Sigma package)
27.04. Burkhard Zimmermann Parameterized symbolic integration
04.05. Manuel Kauers Kernels of difference homomorphisms
11.05. N/A Cancelled
18.05. Burkhard Zimmermann Degree bounds in Sister Celine's method
25.05. Carsten Schneider Sum representations in Pi-Sigma-fields
01.06. N/A Cancelled
08.06. Shojiro Sakata Some remarks on 1D/mD linear recurrences and their applications
15.06. N/A Cancelled
22.06. Stefan Gerhold The generating function of exp(1/n)
29.06. Manuel kauers Algebraic Dependencies of C-finite Sequences and Ge's Algorithm

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