Algorithmic Combinatorics Publications

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Manuel Kauers, Christoph Koutschan. Integral D-Finite Functions. arxiv. Technical report no. 1501.03691, 2015. [pdf] [bib]
Shaoshi Chen, Hui Huang, Manuel Kauers, Ziming Li. An Improved Abramov-Petkovsek Reduction and Creative Telescoping for Hypergeometric Terms. arxiv. Technical report no. 1501.04668, 2015. [pdf] [bib]
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Manuel Kauers, Christian Krattenthaler, Thomas W. Mueller. A method for determining the mod-$2^k$ behaviour of recursive sequences, with applications to subgroup counting. ArXiv. Technical report no. 1107.2015, 2011. [ps] [pdf] [bib]
Manuel Kauers, Veronika Pillwein, Susanne Saminger-Platz. Dominance in the family of Sugeno-Weber t-norms. ArXiv. Technical report no. 1007.5442, July 2010. [ps] [pdf] [bib]
Manuel Kauers, Doron Zeilberger. The Computational Challenge of Enumerating High Dimensional Rook Paths. ArXiv. Technical report no. 1011.4671, 2010. [ps] [pdf] [bib]
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Stefan Gerhold, Manuel Kauers, Joachim Schoeberl. On a Conjectured Inequality for a Sum of Legendre Polynomials. SFB F013. Technical report, April 2006. [ps] [bib]
Manuel Kauers, Viktor Levandovskyy. An Interface between Mathematica and Singular. SFB F013. Technical report no. 2006-29, 2006. [pdf] [ps] [bib]
Manuel Kauers. Computer Algebra and Power Series with Positive Coefficients. SFB F013. Technical report no. 2006-33, Altenbergerstrasse 69, November 2006. [ps] [pdf] [bib]
Manuel Kauers. ZET User Manual. SFB F13. Technical report no. 2004-05, 2004. [ps] [bib]