author = {Amira Zaki},
title = {{Re-engineering of a Grid Aware Medical Database System Based on a Metamodel}},
language = {english},
abstract = {Over the last few decades, the amount of medical data available through the advancements in medical and clinical researches has greatly increased. Therefore, the need for huge storage capacities, e ective data retrieval methods and high performance computations has become signi cantly important. The aim of this work was to develop a simpli ed metamodel for SEE++, a software system for the computer-aided simulation of eye motility disorders and their treatments. The poor performance of the current over-engineered metamodel was the driving force behind the necessary enhancements. Thus, the newly developed metamodel allows the integration into a Grid environment to achieve near real-time performance for the numerous simulations and complex calculations performed. This was done using an instantiation of YAMM, a tool for creating web-based database applications based on a metamodel, comprising both the data and model conjointly in a relational back-end. Our work involved restructuring YAMM to parse its database interactions into a generic form to query any resource. An interoperability layer was created to handle various database connections. The use of a relational back-end was implemented and an interface was designed for using any other system like a Grid-aware database. Moreover, the methodology of instantiating YAMM to represent the SEE++ data model was investigated, resulting in the discovery of a few problems in YAMM's expressiveness, which introduced ambiguity in the SEE++ data model representation.},
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