author = {Imre Zoltan Matko},
title = {{Grid-aware Database Support for Medical Software}},
language = {english},
abstract = {SEE-GRID is a research project based on the SEE++ software system for the biomechanical simulation of the human eye. The project aims to develop a Grid-enabled version ofSEE++ to support ophthalmologists in the treatment of common eye motility disorders. Currently there exist Grid-based implementations of computation and calculation services required by SEE++ and a prototype of a metamodel based medical database. The current database implementation has some restrictions, performance problems and its Grid integration is unfinished. The goal of this thesis is to analyze the software and find performance bottlenecks and to extend the design with a Grid interface and provide a prototype implementation. Based on the benchmarking and profiling of the SEE-GRID database components we realized that the current metamodel is too complex, causing to spend most of the runtime with database queries and data transformations. Some feasible solutions we proposed are the simplification of the metamodel or the usage of fast, XML based back-ends. We have evaluated state of the art Grid data-resource management tools and found OGSA-DAI and AMGA two promising solutions for our project. We have extended the design of the SEE-GRID database with a Globus “Web Service Resource Framework” based interface and with the services of OGSA-DAI. To prove the applicability of the design we prototyped the Grid interface and evaluated in practice OGSA-DAI with respect to the needs of SEE-GRID. iv},
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school = {Internationaler Universitätslehrgang Informatics: Engineering & Management (ISI Hagenberg)},
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