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  • @techreport{RISC5383,
    author = {David M. Cerna and Wolfgang Schreiner and Temur Kutsia},
    title = {{Analytic and Algorithmic Methods for Computing the Space Requirements of Stream Monitor Specifications}},
    language = {english},
    abstract = {In previous work ``Better Space Bounds for Future-Looking Stream Monitors'', upper bounds were derived for the space requirements of monitoring steam specifications in the LogicGuard specification language. The analysis was based on the assumption that in these formulas quantifiers can be arbitrarily nested, but in the body of each quantifier there is at most one quantifier; we refer to such formulas as {\em quantifier vectors}. While analytic results for two special classes of quantifier vectors were derived, bounds for the space requirements of arbitrary quantifier vectors remained unresolved. In this work, we show how to generalize our previous results in order to derive bounds for any quantifier vector. Based on this generalization, we give an algorithm which can compute space bounds for the full specification language. },
    year = {2016},
    month = {October},
    note = {Submitted},
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    type = {RISC Report Series},
    institution = {Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC), Johannes Kepler University Linz},
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