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  • @techreport{RISC5382,
    author = {David M. Cerna and Wolfgang Schreiner},
    title = {{Measuring the Gap: Algorithmic Approximation Bounds for the Space Complexity of Stream Specifications}},
    language = {english},
    abstract = {In previous work we presented an algorithmic procedure for analysing the space complexity of monitor specifications written in a fragment of predicate logic. These monitor specifications were developed for runtime monitoring of event streams. Our procedure provides accurate results for a large fragment of the possible specifications, but overestimates the space complexity of precisely those specifications which are more likely to be found in real world applications. Experiments hinted at a relationship between the extent our procedure over-approximates the space requirements of a specification and the quantifier structure of the specification. In this paper we provide a formalization of this relationship as approximation ratios, and are able to pinpoint ``good'' constructions, that is specifications using less memory. These results are first steps towards categorizing specifications based on memory efficiency. },
    year = {2016},
    month = {November},
    note = {Submitted},
    length = {12},
    type = {RISC Report Series},
    institution = {Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC), Johannes Kepler University Linz},
    address = {Schloss Hagenberg, 4232 Hagenberg, Austria}