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  • @techreport{RISC5176,
    author = {Wolfgang Schreiner and Tamas Berczes and Janos Sztrik and Adam Toth},
    title = {{Modeling RF Communication in Sensor Networks by Probabilistic Model Checking}},
    language = {english},
    abstract = {We report in this paper our results of modeling and analyzing with the probabilistic model checker PRISM a system of radio frequency (RF) transmission in sensor networks which has previously been studied in literature by using finite-source retrial queueing systems. We are able to validate with a small and quite transparent PRISM model the previously reported results (and also exhibit a minor error). Furthermore, we extend the model by also considering infinite sources and show that a previously suggested optimization has in this model beneficial effects only in a comparatively small parameter range.},
    number = {15-21},
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    month = {October},
    institution = {Research Institute for Symbolic Computation (RISC), Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria},
    sponsor = {Supported by the project 90öu6 “Leistungsmodellierung von Drahtlosen Sensor-Netzwerken” of the Stiftung Ak- tion Österreich-Ungarn},
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