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  • @inproceedings{RISC3947,
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    language = {english},
    abstract = {SEE-GRID is based on the SEE++ software system for the biomechanical simulation of the human eye. The goal of SEE-GRID is to extend SEE++ in several steps in order to develop an efficient grid-based tool for “Evidence Based Medicine”, which supports surgeons in choosing optimal surgery techniques for the treatment of certain eye motility disorders. First, we have developed a grid-enabled version of the simulation of the Hess-Lancaster test, which is a medical examination by which the pathology of the patient can be estimated. Based on this, we work on a pathology fitting algorithm that attempts to give sufficiently close estimations for the pathological reasons of the disorder. Furthermore, we have started to develop a grid enabled distributed database where both real and simulated pathological cases can be collected, sorted and evaluated for improving both the later pathology fitting calculations and the future medical treatments.},
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