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  • @article{RISC3873,
    author = {E. Kartashova},
    title = {{Discrete Wave Turbulence}},
    language = {english},
    abstract = {In this Letter we propose discrete wave turbulence (DWT) as a counterpart of classical statistical wave turbulence (SWT). DWT is characterized by resonance clustering, not by the size of clusters, i.e. it includes, but is not reduced to, the study of low-dimensional systems. Clusters with integrable and chaotic dynamics co-exist in different sub-spaces of the $\mathbf{k}$-space. NR-diagrams are introduced, a graphical representation of an arbitrary resonance cluster allowing to reconstruct uniquely dynamical system describing the cluster. DWT is shown to be a novel research field in nonlinear science, with its own methods, achievements and application areas.},
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