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  • @techreport{RISC2945,
    author = {Rebhi Baraka},
    title = {{A Framework for Publishing and Discovering Mathematical Web Services}},
    language = {english},
    abstract = {Web service publishing and discovery is one of the crucial issues addressed by contemporary Web service architectural speci¯cations. In the case of mathematical Web services this issue is more subtle due to the fact that they operate within semantically rich domains on objects that need proper encoding and specification. This dissertation develops a framework for publishing and discovering mathematical Web services consisting of a registry for publishing mathematical services and a query language for syntactically and semantically discovering mathematical services published in the registry. The basis of the framework is a mathematical services infrastructure and a language (Mathematical Services Description Language) that describes the different aspects of a mathematical service. The description of a mathematical service in MSDL may contain information related to the type of the problem, the algorithm(s) used to solve the problem, the implementation of the algorithm, machines executing the implementation, and related problems. On this basis, a language for querying registry published mathematical services is designed, formalized and implemented. The Mathematical Services Query Language (MSQL) provides the functionality to query services based on their MSDL descriptions. The implementation of MSQL is based on a formal de¯nition of the language using denotational semantics. This definition provides a reference for the correctness of the language implementation. MSQL supports queries on the syntactic structures of service descriptions but has been extended to address also the semantic information contained in service descriptions. This extension adds a number of constructs to the language in order to express predicate logic formulas that are processed with the help of an automated reasoner. The framework is evaluated experimentally and is compared to some related approaches in XML querying and mathematical service discovery.},
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