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  • @article{RISC2492,
    author = {Joachim Apel and Ralf Hemmecke},
    title = {{Detecting Unnecessary Reductions in an Involutive Basis Computation}},
    language = {english},
    abstract = {We consider the check of the involutive basis property in a polynomial context. In order to show that a finite generating set $F$ of a polynomial ideal $I$ is an involutive basis one must confirm two properties. Firstly, the set of leading terms of the elements of $F$ has to be complete. Secondly, one has to prove that $F$ is a Gr�bner basis of $I$. The latter is the time critical part but can be accelerated by application of Buchberger's criteria including the many improvements found during the last two decades. Gerdt and Blinkov (Involutive Bases of Polynomial Ideals. {\em Mathematics and Computers in Simulation} {\bf 45}, pp.~519--541, 1998) were the first who applied these criteria in involutive basis computations. We present criteria which are also transferred from the theory of Gr�bner bases to involutive basis computations. We illustrate that our results exploit the Gr�bner basis theory slightly more than those of Gerdt and Blinkov. Our criteria apply in all cases where those of Gerdt/Blinkov do, but we also present examples where our criteria are superior. Some of our criteria can be used also in algebras of solvable type, \eg, Weyl algebras or enveloping algebras of Lie algebras, in full analogy to the Gr�bner basis case. We show that the application of criteria enforces the termination of the involutive basis algorithm independent of the prolongation selection strategy. },
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