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  • @techreport{RISC2454,
    author = {Karoly Bosa and Wolfgang Schreiner and Michael Buchberger and Thomas Kaltofen},
    title = {{The Initial Version of SEE-GRID}},
    language = {english},
    abstract = {This document describes the functionality of the “SEE++ to Grid Bridge”, which is the initial component of SEE-GRID. SEE-GRID is based on the SEE++ software for the biomechanical simulation of the human eye. SEE++ was developed in the SEE-KID project by the Upper Austrian Research and the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences. SEE++ consists of a client component for user interaction and of a server component that runs various computations. Via the “SEE++ to Grid Bridge”, normal SEE++ clients are able to access and exploit the computational power of the Austrian Grid. The bridge starts SEE++ servers on various grid sites and distributes to them computational tasks received from some SEE+ clients. This paper addresses the following issues: • How the initially proposed design of SEE-GRID was adapted to the current software infrastructure of the Austrian Grid. • How our environment was configured in order to access to the Austrian Grid. • How the “SEE++ to Grid Bridge” works together with SEE++ clients and the middleware software layer of the Austrian Grid. • How SEE++ server processes are started in the grid environment. • How computational tasks are distributed to the Austrian Grid resources. • How and with what kind of parameters the “SEE++ to Grid Bridge” can be used. At the end of this paper, we summarize our first experiences and benchmark results related to this initial version of SEE-GRID. },
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