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Usage example (formatted by java2html):
Reader in1 = new StringReader("a,a,a"); // Use FileReader instead
Reader in2 = new StringReader("a,a,a,a"); // Use FileReader instead
boolean iterateAll = true;

RigidityFnc rFnc = new RigidityFncSubsequence().setMinLen(3);
EquationSystem<AntiUnifyProblem> eqSys = new EquationSystem<AntiUnifyProblem>() {
	public AntiUnifyProblem newEquation() {
		return new AntiUnifyProblem();
new InputParser<AntiUnifyProblem>(eqSys).parseHedgeEquation(in1, in2);

new AntiUnify(rFnc, eqSys, DebugLevel.SILENT) {
	public void callback(AntiUnifySystem res, Variable var) {
}.antiUnify(iterateAll, null);

Author: Alexander Baumgartner FWF Der Wissenschaftsfond
Project: SToUT - Symbolic Computation Techniques for Unranked Terms