of the Timisoara meeting

December 09, 2006 December 10, 2006



Sunday, December 09


10:00 Tudor Jebelean Welcome


10:30 Tudor Jebelean Project presentation

- rules of costs

- rules of management

- summary of the project

- tasks and participants

- schedule of meetings


11:30 Coffee break


11:45-12:45 Chair: Aleksander Letichevski


11:45 Tudor Jebelean Presentation of Theorema

12:00 Nikolaj Popov Functional Program Verification in Theorema Using Completeness for Debugging

12:20 Laura Kovacs Automated Generation of Polynomial Invariants for Imperative Program Verification in Theorema


12:45 Lunch break


14:00-15:30 Chair: Dana Petcu

14:00 Adrian Craciun An Implementation of Groebner Synthesis in Theorema

       Synthesis of a Groebner Bases Algorithm by Lazy Thinking

14:30 Marius Minea Formal Verification and Static Analysis. Matching Expertise with Industrial Needs

15:00 Khimuri Rukhaia and Lali Tibua One Variant of Assertional Programming


15:30 Coffee break


15:45-17:15 Chair: Viorel Negru


15:45 Valery Plisko Explicit Modal Logics of single-conclusion proof systems

Team Presentation

16:15 Igor Konnov On Verification of Parameterized Distributed Systems

16:45 Dana Petcu Research Activities at IeAT



19:00 Banquet




Monday, December 10


09:00-10:30 Chair: Marius Minea


09:00 Jemal Antidze Software Tools for Morphological and Syntactic Analysis of Natural Language Texts

Software Tools for Morphological and Syntactic Analysis of Natural Language Texts Paper

09:30 Alexander Letichevski Insertion modeling and requirement specifications for distributed concurrent systems

10:00 Vitaly German Solving Linear Constraints over Real



10:30 Coffee break


10:45-12:15 Chair: Tudor Jebelean


10:45 Alexander Lyaletski senior Automated Reasoning and Provability Correct Design in Verification and Synthesis

11:15 Alexander Lyaletski junior Different notions of conuity and intensional models for λ-calculus

11:45 Open discussion


13:00 Lunch break


14:00-15:30 Chair: Tudor Jebelean Open discussion


15:30 Coffee break


15:45-17:15 Chair: Tudor Jebelean Open discussion

17:15 Coffee break


17:30 Tudor Jebelean Closing remarks