of the Moscow meeting

August 27, 2007 August 29, 2007



Monday, August 27


10:00 Tudor Jebelean Welcome and organizational items


10:30 Tudor Jebelean Project overview


11:00 13:30 Chair: Tudor Jebelean


11:00 Nikolaj Popov Proving Termination of Recursive Programs or How to Avoid Proving Termination

11:30 Tudor Jebelean S-decomposition

12:30 Marius Minea Testing and Static Analysis

Static Analysis and Error Detection



13:30 14:30 Lunch break


14:30 17:00 Accommodation and administrative issues


17:00 19:00 Chair: Tudor Jebelean

17:00 Vladimir Krupski Explicit Modal Logics of single-conclusion proof systems

18:00 Tatyana Yavorskaya Logic of Proofs and Labels






Tuesday, August 28

10:00-13:30 Chair: Tudor Jebelean


10:00 Valery Plisko Basic Logic and Primitive Recursive Realizability

11:00 Alexander Letichevsky Deductive Tools in Insertion Modelling Verification

11:30 Igor Konnov Parameterized Model Checking of Resource Reservation Protocol

12:30 Khimuri Rukhaia and Lali Tibua One Method of Constructing a Formal System


13:30 15:00 Lunch break



15:00 18:00 Chair: Tudor Jebelean


15:00 Peter Bulychev Game-Theoretic Simulation Checking Tool

15:30 Alexander Lyaletski Herbrand-type Theorems: the Classical and Intuitionistic Cases

16:00 Alexander Letichevsky-junior Tools for Verification of Specification Given by Basic Protocols

17:00 Stepan Potiyenko Verification of Specifications in Modelling Languages Using Basic Protocols





Wednesday, August 29

10:00 Tudor Jebelean Report preparation and organizational items

11:30 Tudor Jebelean Discussion on Standards

13:30 Tudor Jebelean Closing Remarks