of the Linz meeting

February 27 28, 2009



Friday, February 27



09:00 Tudor Jebelean Welcome


10:00 Tudor Jebelean Combining Automated Reasoning and Algebraic Methods in Theorema


10:45 Nikolaj Popov Towards Verifying Wrongly Written Programs in Theorema


11:30 Madalina Erascu Presentation



12:15 13:30 Lunch Break



13:30 Madalina Erascu Presentation


14:15 Peter Bulychev Game-theoretic approach to the simulation checking problem


15:00 Marius Minea Presentation not yet available


16:00 Peret Bulychev Duplicate code detection using anti-unification


17:00 Tudor Jebelean Multi-Domain Logic and its Applications to SAT



19:00 22:00 Dinner





Saturday, February 28



09:00 Jemal Antidze Translation of Theorem-Proving Text in MTSR to Natural Language Text


09:40 Alexander Lyaletski EA and SAT: Past and Present


10:20 Stepan Potiyenko Verification of Basic Protocol Systems


11:20 Oleksandr Letychevskyy Application of Static Requirements Checking in Industrial Projects



12:30 14:00 Lunch break



14:00 Igor Konnov and Oleksandr Letychevskyy Comparison of Spin and VRS on the model of Generic Attribute Registration Protocol Part I and Part II


15:00 Tudor Jebelean Closing Remarks